Tara Caffelle

+ Event branding
+ Poster campaign
+ Landing page
+ Custom iconography
+ Social campaign
+ Photography

project: super couple tune up

Tara Caffelle is a bold and brilliant relationship coach who gets tired couples sizzlin’ again. We worked with her to launch her Super Couple Tune Up event—a one-day extravaganza for couples who desired to be THAT couple that you love to hate.

Event promotional design for social media, by Flipside Creative.
Event landing page design by Flipside Creative.
Event poster designs for Tara Caffelle, by Flipside Creative.

“Kim and the incredible posse at Flipside absolutely, all the time, and without fail, have had my back. I owe so much of my growth and superpowers to the heart they have shone into my work. They've matched my passion and then amplified it.”

tara caffelle, super couple coach
Event promotional design for social media by Flipside Creative.
Event promotional design for social media by Flipside Creative.

WHAT, why, how


Relationships coaching sounds daunting. We get it. So we created a brand that had Tara’s whimsical, bold, and feminine feel yet was rooted in the mechanics of relationships—so men wouldn’t cower. 


The brand system includes custom iconography to help Tara speak about the components of a Super Couple with fun, engaging, on-brand visuals. These icons were used to support brand messaging in digital spaces—most notabley on social channels.

Poster Campaign

We went rogue and plastered posters around the City of Vancouver to put Super Couple into the faces of passersby.

Social Campaign // content and graphics

Using the event content, we helped Tara create branded social elements to boost, post, and spread like wildfire.

Affiliate Marketing

To leverage existing partnerships and new relationships, we devised a web badge/affiliate program to give the Super Couple Tune Up event traction outside of Tara’s networks and extend brand reach.