namaste North

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project: Brand

When Namaste North approached us in 2017, the studio name was simply a vision that studio owner Meghan Heuhn had. She wanted to turn the dream into a reality and hired Flipside to bring it to life

Logo design
Business card design

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of us and being so brilliant! I'm so proud to unleash this into the world.”

Meghan Heuhn, Founder

WHAT, why, how

We wanted to create a yoga brand that embodied Meghan’s unmatched enthusiasm, strength, charisma, and boldness partnered with a little bit of woo-woo and cheekiness, too.

It was important to create a brand that had legs to expand from. Meghan has big ideas—and the brand needed to provide a solid foundation from which to grow and evolve.

So we devised a brilliant and robust brand rich in character and texture that would never get old. It included:


We opted for a wordmark that married strength with flow, woo with confidence. We coupled it with a shortform submark that's all sorts of cool.


Since Namaste North is not your average yoga studio, we opted against a traditionally “spiritual” or “yoga-centric” palette. We opted instead for a warm, celebratory palette inspired by rich, delicious beverages: coffee, wine, and beer. Because Namaste North is cool like that.


We illustrated two custom patterns—Asanas and Foliage—to accentuate the heart and soul of the brand and to be used to support brand collateral and merchandise.

Poster Template

Namaste North is all sorts of creative with its classes. So we gave their team a template to help promote new classes with a bit of love and pizazz.

Brand Guidelines

Because Namaste North wanted to bring the execution of other marketing collateral in-house, we provided them with an extensive brand guideline/usage document to help the internal team add to the brand without compromising consistency. These guidelines featured logo, typography, and pattern usage rules.