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project: rebrand

Enviro-Stewards is an environmental engineering firm based in Elmira, Ontario that is committed to improving the planet by auditing energy, water, and waste water in large manufacturing facilities. They implement reduction and elimination strategies that not only save their clients money, but more importantly, save the planet from further destruction. They are highly skilled engineers and utterly altruistic human beings. For three years in a row, they've been named one of B Corp's Best of the World companies.

Based on a brand strategy we authored for these gents in 2015, we went about authoring a logo, tagline, and brand guidelines that helped this company walk the talk and visually live up to the experience they provide.

Enviro-Stewards brand design by Flipside Creative

“You guys are amazing! The new brand is beautiful and we are so proud to roll it out. Everyone is really excited around here. Even Ed who was not on board with changing the logo at all—he loves it!”

christy hipel, solutions support
Enviro-Stewards brand design by Flipside Creative

WHAT, why, how

Enviro-Stewards had used the same hand-drawn logo since its inception 20 years ago. It was deeply meaningful to the team, yet entirely non-resonant to its target audience. We were challenged with creating a brand rooted in heart and innovation that appealed to top-level C-Suite executed of multi-million dollar organizations keen to clean up their act.

brand mark

The logo is inherently simple, clear, strong, concise—these are engineers after all. Yet it's also action-oriented, a little bit aspirational, approachable, and iconic—fitting well with an organization run on heart first.


The Enviro-Stewards colour palette is a tip of the hat to the original logo and a nod to the planet itself. Blue represents water while green represents land, together they represent the earth. The tones are purposefully not primary, but rather aspirational, even a bit futuristic. The secondary colour palette features hues that complement the core palette to give the brand legs, and a bit of personality pop.


The Enviro-Stewards fonts are throwbacks to industry titans—the game changers (Think NASA)—as well as implicative of the future and possibility. They represent the brand’s deep values and lofty goals.


The new tagline—Engineering Change—has many meanings. It speaks to exactly what Enviro-Stewards does. They are engineers who affect change. It speaks to their altruistic roots and their desire to give back. They literally use the company as a force for good to engineer change in the world. It's positive. It's uplifting. It's benefits driven. And, most importantly, it's true to the experience that Enviro-Stewards provides—to its clients, to its peers, to the folks in South Sudan via their Safe Water Project


A brand is only as good as its rulebook. We authored detailed brand guidelines to help the internal team at Enviro-Stewards maintain the consistency of the brand as they rolled it out. Rules for logo size, colour, tagline placement and use, typography, imagery an more are meticulously detailed. The goal: to make inconsistency impossible.