BC Transplant

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project: Awareness Campaign

Every April, BC Transplant launches an awareness campaign geared toward increasing the number of registered organ donors in British Columbia.They contacted Flipside because their past creative was tired and they were looking for a new spin. Something that called on them to be brave.

Logo design
Business card design

“The campaign is really great and the feedback has been tremendous. We loved working on this with Flipside!”

Irene Phan, Coordinator, Communications & Community Initiatives

WHAT, why, how

It was important for us to create an awareness and education campaign that was interesting, engaging, and that conveyed the most important message: That registering to become an organ donor is super easy.

Campaign Theme

We conceptualized a theme rooted in ease: “Take two minutes”. We would convey that it takes merely two minutes to register as an organ donor and save a life. That’s it. Making the decision to sign up an easy one. #taketwominutes became the campaign hashtag. BC Transplant used the url taketwominutes.ca and redirected it to the organ donor registration page. Easy.

Transit Ads

To demonstrate ease of registration visually, we created a simple meme-like series of charts and graphs that pointed out the obvious: registering to become an organ donor is just common sense. We paired the organization’s existing palette with black backgrounds to make bold, noticeable statements.


We created 15-second animations of our memes for posting on social media.


Another series of three meme-like charts and graphs were created for posters distributed at events and to partner organizations. The point of the series was to consistently tout in as many ways as possible that registering to donate organs is easy easy easy. It’s irrefutable.